Is SEO Dead?

Let’s get dive straight in here. This is a topic I’ve heard hotly debated often and not just from marketers or business leaders. Some may even go as far as to say that SEO is less effective now than it has ever been. Regardless, everyone seems to have opinions on this subject. Most commonly I hear “Google is in the business of making money“, inferring that AdWords is the only way of the future. I’m not alleging that Google is not in the business of making money. However, if there is one lesson I have learned from the various SEO algorithm updates, it’s that Google is in the business of creating the best user experience for their searchers. THAT is how they stay on top and continue making money.

Here is my simple answer. No, SEO is not going anywhere anytime soon. With the current trend in marketing being customer-centric and human, now more than ever SEO is important. We are dealing less and less with “sheeple” who blindly follow big-business advertising and more with consumers who are looking for real companies and, in turn, real results. It’s frustrating for searchers to click an AdWords result and be taken to a website for a massive company who may only kind of do what they are looking for. Searchers want to find very specific search results or local businesses.

What does that mean for your business and website? Well, Google is in the business of providing high quality content. Therefore, you should be too! They have evolved their algorithms to no longer pick up keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO practices. Websites are now even penalized when they utilize those tactics. Content is still key, but now SERPs are aiming to serve up expert content. This is not just content for the sake of keywords, it’s content that has proven user experience success.

SEO has evolved beyond secure sites (http vs. https) links, back-links, titles and images. It is an ever-changing technology constantly evolving to give searchers the best possible experience.

Here are my top 3 tips for SEO v2019:

1.   Provide clear and easy navigation on every page (purpose is key)

  • This mitigates bounce rates and establishes you as an expert for that search phrase/term to the search bots. Additionally, the visitor has a great experience with the ability to quickly find what they’re looking for!

2.     Mobile Search Focus: Create customer-centric search phrases/Voice Optimization

3.     Video Optimization

  • No only is it crucial to have video content but it’s equally crucial to have that video optimized correctly to avoid slow load times or re-buffering which would cause visitors to abandon the page. The latest google algorithm release in August 2018 established YouTube video on the top of the SERPs. This wasn’t done because Google loves YouTube, it’s because Google knows the power of video in the consumers search journey. It’s generally predicted by many that by 2020 video will become a magnet for 75% of all internet traffic. 

If SEO isn’t going anywhere, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and updates to avoid being eclipsed by your competitors. Not just SERP trends, but consumer trends. Technology is constantly changing and evolving, but there are behavioral constants in every industry. These factors will always drive the next trend. Staying aware of how your customers are searching, as well as needs of theirs you can meet to create the best experience for them, is the best focus for your business’s website. 

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