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As a marketer you probably know, all too well, about the importance of brand awareness. It’s about being seen. However, 85% of ads don’t get looked at, 71% of B2B customers are actively considering taking their business elsewhere and engagement levels are at 29%. So, how do you fix this and take brand awareness to the next level? How can you level up to the ever-coveted brand preference? The answer is a brand marketing movement.

First, let’s discuss why it’s important and why it works. The reason movement marketing works is because people buy into brands who share their values. They buy from brands and people they like. This makes you feel as though you’re with a good friend every time you come across that brand because you have shared purpose. Shared purpose creates the sense that your product or service can create a better tomorrow.

5 Steps to Creating a Brand Marketing Movement

The Movement Starts From Within

I cannot stress this enough… you cannot produce an effective brand movement outside of your company if it doesn’t start from within. Movement Inside your company generates trustcreativitymotivation and passions among employees. If your employees aren’t fully engaged, there is no possible way your clients or potential clients will be. Starting this movement from within not only helps to jump-start the movement, but it also benefits employee retention. If the movement is big enough, it can even help you attract the best talent.

Be Innovative

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. If you’re doing the same thing everyone else is, it won’t work and it won’t stand out enough to create an effective or lasting movement. A brand marketing movement requires more than just thinking outside the box. It’s throwing the box away and creating something original, new and inspiring.

Be Authentic and Transparent

You have to walk the talk according to Charles Kopelman at ForbesMillennials will comprise 75% of the workforce in ten years. They can smell a phony a mile away. One of the reasons it’s highly important to start the movement from within is because it must be authentic. You can’t fake culture. If you don’t know where to start with this, figure out what human needs your brand plays towards. Find what is organic to your company and capitalize on it. This is exactly what Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, did. He found a human need (quick and easy delivery of a product) and capitalized on it. In turn, Amazon created an economy changing brand movement that made his company billions and catapulted it light years ahead of any competition. Jeff Bezos created shared purpose offering his customers the promise of a better tomorrow.

Create Experiences and Evoke Emotion

Creating experience is creating engagement. Without engagement you cannot build trust. Brand trust is one of the most valuable, intangible assets to a business. Brand movements need to create experiences that provide opportunities for their communities to connect and communicate. These experiences need to be created in a relateable way. People want to relate to your company. This means throwing out the stock photography. They want to see who you are as a company. Real people with real solutions. With 72% of customers preferring to learn about a product or service through video, you gain a great opportunity to engage utilizing this trend. Not only can (and should) you capture daily or weekly experiences within the company, you can capture your client’s stories. Remember your client is your greatest brand advocate, so utilize them to create these experiences!

Create a Sense of Belonging

Another way you generate a movement is by creating a sense of belonging. Few have done it better than Starbucks. Jennifer Kem gave this example in an interview with Forbes. “Starbucks started as a small, independently owned coffee joint in Seattle. The owner at the time was just selling coffee. The minute Starbucks evolved to create an experience of connection, community and collaboration, it became a place where people feel like they belong — where they could meet like-minded friends and exchange thoughts. Businesses that do this from the get-go carve a following of brand ambassadors who are loyal and loud.”

The truth about selling is, people don’t care about your products until you make them care. Your personal brand tells them why they should care, and a brand marketing movement it is an effective way to turn them into customers. It is imperative that you act and communicate like a friend. Movements are powerful to grow your market share among consumers. Most importantly, unlike 99.9% of brand marketing, a movement makes your message resonate. It makes your brand unforgettable taking you beyond brand awareness and making you the brand preference

For more tips on how to create brand preference through a brand marketing movement, leave a comment or send me a message!

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